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The process of slowing down, of creating, and the connection to the environment and nature motivated Vanessa Schreiner       to engage with a life and work philosophy of deceleration and mindfulness. In her diploma collection "No Rain, No Flowers" she explores an alternative way of making fashion through the upcycling process.

All the outfits consist of broken and carefully collected umbrellas
that she has got on flea markets, second-hand shops and through her personal social environment.
Vanessa Schreiner first deconstructed them and then re-introduced the textile as component for constructing new garments.
In the design process, she experimented with the design of umbrellas in different ways.       Inspired by experimental pattern-making together with sustainable thinking, Vanessa Schreiner tried to create contemporary fashion using vintage, handcrafted, and one-of-a-kind umbrellas containing memories and emotions.

Vanessa Schreiner Portrait
Vanessa Schreiner, No Rain No Flowers 2021
No Rain, No Flowers 2021
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